Tariff Increase – July 2022

Tariff increases on the electricity rate have been implemented for the last 3 years. The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa)

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved the following increases:

  • +9,61% for Eskom direct customers also known as “non-local authority supplies” on 1 April 2022
  • +7.47% for municipalities on 1 July 2022

Your household will fall under one of these tariffs: the lifeline, the domestic, and the Home User tariff.

By definition, the lifetime tariff is a tariff that is intended to supply relief to customers who use a prepaid meter with limited means, using less than 450 KWh per month.

The domestic tariff is allocated to customers who have a prepaid meter installed and who use on average more than 450 KWh/ month.

Home Users are usually users that aren’t qualified on the lifetime or domestic tariff.

The tariff that applies to you depends on four major points

  1. Your monthly usage usually evaluated on a 12-monthly basis
  2. The estimated value of your property
  3. The type of electricity meter installed in your household
  4. Are you registered on receiving rates rebate or not?


Example on a Domestic tariff billing account

Units received  (kWh) 2020/21 Cost 2021/22 Cost (%) Increase
250 R600,15 R644.98 7.47%
450 R1080.27 R1160.97 7.47%
600 R1440.36 R1547.94 7.47%
800 R2024.16 R2175.36 7.47%

Based on the current release data for the different municipalities

Johannesburg will be impacted by an increase of up to 7,47% in electricity.

Ekhurhuleni will be impacted by an increase of 9.61%

Tshwane will be impacted by an increase of up to 9% on electricity.

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