How to stay safe when working with electricity

Electricity is one of the most dangerous element in the world, Working with it can be really dangerous. This article will definitely save...

Electricity is one of the most dangerous elements in the world. So, working in that environment or just trying to fix something around your house need to be taken with a lot of precautions.

If not taken with precautions, it can take your life.

The basic guidelines listed below will help you while working with electricity in your household or workplace.

1. Make sure that your body is dry

Well, we all know water is a powerful but unstable conductor of electricity.

Creating a connection between them or just mixing them can lead to an electric shock.

When planning to work with electricity or just be in contact with it for example when you want to charge your phone by connecting your charger to a socket, you must make sure that your entire body is dry and specifically your hands.

2.  Make sure to use proper equipment.

Always make sure to only use insulated equipment when planning to work or being in contact with electricity. For example, make sure to always use insulated rubber gloves when you want to hold any conductor of electricity such as cables. Use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles when working on electrical devices.

3. Make sure the main switchboard of electricity is turned off.

Remember nobody can predict what can happen, this applies also to electricity. When working with electricity by for example fixing an appliance, a mistake can happen and a discharge of electricity can affect you. So before working with electricity in your household, make sure to first turn off the main switchboard or just the interrupter.

For example, when you want to change an ampoule electric, make sure to simply switch off the interrupter or to be more careful the main switchboard.

4. Never use damaged equipment.

Always check your equipment quality and also the different cables and electric elements that conduct the electricity in your household. Make sure to avoid broken equipment, frayed cords, or event broken plugs.

5. Never make use of steel or aluminum ladders.

When you want to work with electricity, you always have to make sure to remove any element that can cause you to get electrocuted. Steel and aluminum are really good conductors of electricity, and due to that, you can simply get electrocuted and die. So instead of making use of steel or aluminum ladders make use of wooden or fiberglass ladders for complete safety.

In conclusion,

We are enough safe; a safe household or work environment is not always enough to predict a potential electrical hazard. So, every time you are working with electricity always be cautious and practice every step safely. Constant safety must be considered and mustn’t be compromised in any situation at your workplace or in your household.


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