Wave Power

Do you know that The wind produce waves which lead to waves produce energy?

Wave power is manufacture by the up and down movement of the floating tool are located on top of the ocean. The wind produce waves which lead to waves produce energy. The bigger the distance, the longer the will the waves are. For this reason the energy stored until it is  to the beaches.


  • Wave energy is renewable, you will never run out
  • It is environment friendly
  • There is a variety of ways to Harness (Lots of ways to gather it)
  • No harm to the land
  • Less dependency companies for fossil
  • Wave energy is very reliable
  • A huge amount of energy can be produced in the waves.


  • Only available to certain locations
  • Dependent on wavelength
  • Can be nosing to those who live close by
  • Cost of production might be enormous

Research has shown that Oceans cover three quarters of the earth’s surface which constitute a natural energy resource in the form of waves. Also in the UK it has been evaluated that the recoverable wave energy resources exceeded the electricity demand. If there is a less that 0.1% of the renewable energy within the oceans that could be translated into electricity it would be very content in the future.

The two basic elements of technology is a collector to capture the wave energy and a turbo generator to convert the wave power into electricity. in the UK wave energy collectors are used in a form of partially submerged shell which seawater is free to enter and leave. When the water enters or leaves, the level of water in the chamber rises or falls.

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