Top myths/ misconceptions about solar panels

Solar panels are the energy of the future and like all discoveries, it’s always present at a high price on the market. So easy to

1. Installing a solar panel is expensive to install and implies expensive maintenance.

Solar panels are the energy of the future and like all discoveries, it’s always present at a high price on the market. But analysis shows that since 2015 solar panel prices are constantly reducing since there are now many manufacturers or providers of solar panels.
It’s easy to install solar panels but to avoid high maintenance costs it’s preferable to use a reliable manufacturer.

2. Panels only work in clear sky/weather

Solar panels work in any type of clouds days. But their productivity level is strictly dependent on the clarity of the clouds. For example, on a rainy cloud solar panels can work on average up to 35% of their productivity level.

3. Panels are dangerous to the environment.
Solar panel parts/ elements are strictly made from recyclable materials.

4. Panels required constant maintenance.
Once install solar panels don’t need to be moved. So they don’t require a lot of maintenance. But as with every machine, they require a periodic inspection (Just to make sure that everything works perfectly and that there’s no alert for any upcoming issue)

5. Panels installation prices are estimated according to the size of your home
When installing solar panels, many elements are considered, such as the direction of the sun, the shape of your roof, etc.
The technician must make sure that the panels are positioned to best capture the sunlight.

6. Panels don’t have a lifetime.
The average maximum lifetime for solar panels is 25 years and then the materials can be recycled and replaced.

7. Solar panels damaged the quality of your roof
Note that Solar panels are placed on top of the roof, not on the roof, there’s usually a gap between the panels and the roof which in a way protects your roof from any damage. It’s believed that where the panels are placed on your roof, by covering the section, they play a form of protection against any natural damages that can impact that section of your roof.

8. Solar panels reduce the price of electricity.

Having solar panels allows you to save on electricity prices as you depend less on the electricity provided by your municipality and more on natural resources.

9. The more panels, the less the electricity bill will be
Solar panels are installed based on the size of the house and the amount of energy that can be potentially used.
You usually don’t buy more than what you will use.

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Top myths/ misconceptions about solar panels

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