Load Shedding Update!

Risk of load-shedding low but could increase by this evening.

In a statement released by Eskom on Monday evening (06 August 2018) they have said that the risk of load-shedding is low for Tuesday, however the advised that this risk could be increased during evening peak periods, that is between 19:00 and 21:00.



These issues around load-shedding comes after tensions between the power utility and it’s employees resulted in wide spread industrial action, intimidation and various acts of sabotage put strain on the power grid’s generation capacity. This had the result of Eskom initiating load-shedding lasting 3 hours last week Tuesday and they have confirmed that the risk of load shedding will remain high for atleast 30 days, to give recovery teams a chance to repair damaged infrastructure.

Consumers (residential and business) have been advised to please check the load-shedding schedule on the website and treat this schedule as if it has been implemented. So, to avoid being caught in the dark, please check the link below for your load-shedding schedule and be sure to strategize around it.


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Load Shedding Update!

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