How To Save Electricity In Winter

The best way to save electricity is to first understand how you are spending your electricity.

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The best way to save electricity is to first understand how you are spending your electricity. Of course, we cannot guess how it’s spent in your household but we can help you in saving during this season by providing some saving electricity tips.

1. Make full use of natural light

Make use of natural lights during the day, a single southwest-facing window can light up more than 20 times its area, and by turning off unnecessary lights, you can see a large improvement in your electricity usage.

2. Use table lamps

You can also reduce your electricity usage by turning off different ceiling lighting and making use of table lamps ( which are energy efficient ), in different places of your house such as your office, working section, living room, and kitchen. You can also use a motion sensor for interior lighting.

3. Manage your house temperature

Surprisingly enough, during winter  an electric heater consumes more energy than other devices in the house . Manage the temperature of your house by only using the heater in rooms that are occupied.

4. Wash your laundry with cold water

Yes! You can wash your laundry by switching from hot water to cold water. This will allows you to save hot water for only important use such as showering and cooking.

5. Make use of a kettle

The stove uses more electricity than the kettle, so it’s more efficient to boil your water by using a kettle than a stove, do not overfill your kettle when boiling, use only as much as it’s required.

6. Switch off your stove when not in use

Always make sure to switch off your stove when you don’t use it, replace damaged stove plates regularly, as when it’s not in good quality, they tend to require more heat, and also make use of your stove only when cooking multiple dishes at a time. Always match the size of the pot with the size of your stove’s plates.

7. Be efficient with refrigerating

Ensure the fridge doors is close, Also ensuring that the door seal is of good quality.  Do not let the fridge open while doing other things, and also make sure to not put hot liquid or solid element in the fridge.

8. Unplug your unused appliances

Make sure to unplug unused electronics devices as standby power can account for more than 6% of your average household’s annual electricity use. Make sure to unplug appliances such as televisions, iron, and kettle.

9. Shift to the solar system

It might be difficult to convert the entire house into a solar system but certain things can be plugged into a small solar system in order to reduce the electricity usage. For example, you can change to an outdoor solar lights system, device solar chargers, and also by using a solar system for small appliances.

10. Manage your geyser

Switch your geyser off, if unused or if you leave on holiday. You can also install a timer in order to control the operational times of your geyser, which can increase up to 15% in electricity saving.

In Conclusion,

It’s advisable for everyone to reduce their energy bills in order to adapt and not get impacted by the semestrial tariff increase of this year. By carefully following the tips listed above you can easily reduce up to 25% in electricity bills.


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