All about electrical fire

An electric fire is simply a malfunction within the different electrical components of an equipment that can lead to an electrical fire.

An electrical fire is simply a failure or malfunction within the different electrical components of equipment that can lead to an electrical fire.

Major causes of electrical fire

Usually, the main electrical equipment that is at the origin of the fire are cables, sockets, electric wires, or again faulty outlets.

1. Old machinery

All machinery or appliance are usually characterized by old frayed cords or faulty wiring. This can cause an electrical fire as it increases the chance of not being up to the material quality standards and safety regulations.

2. Irregular maintenance

We are never safe when it comes to electricity.

Always make sure to regularly do maintenance of the wiring system around your house.

For example, Check the different appliances and wiring systems in your house, if you see any expose wire, contact an electrician for a safe replacement.

Always make sure to stay updated with the safety codes.

3. Old wiring cables

Old wiring cables or outdated wiring were adapted for equipment/appliances with a low requirement of power capacity.

With the progress of technology, more quantity of electricity is required in certain appliances, sometimes old wiring cables don’t support the quantity needed for specific equipment, which can in the long run damage and then creates an electrical fire.

Warning signs of electrical fires

Amongst all the electrical fire warning signs that exist, the most frequent are:

1. Burning smell

2. Flashing lights

3. Electrical shocks when touching or using an appliance or equipment

4. Charred outlets and switches

5. Frayed, damaged, and exposed wires and cables.

The main purpose of electrical warning signs is for inspections. If you find any signs that might alert a possible danger with your wiring system, do not attempt to fix the issue yourself, contact an electrical professional.

In conclusion,

It’s advisable to frequently do an electrical inspection of your house to ensure that your house complies with the standard regulations and safety codes of your region.

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