5 solutions that will make your life easy during load shedding.

Load shedding is now part of our life, Waiting for it to be fixed won’t change the impact, it's the Time to take action.

Load shedding in South Africa has now become part of our daily life.

Standing still while waiting for it to be fixed won’t change the impact that this issue has on our life
Time to take action! What are the solutions that can be implemented to fight back the load shedding in our household.

1. A backup battery
A backup battery also known as UPS Power Supply is a device that simply when there is electricity collects enough power to supply electricity once the main power source is unavailable.
This device can be found in different sizes depending on your needs and the capacity of appliances you would like to connect to it.

2. Rechargeable light bulbs
Also known as the emergency rechargeable LED, the device weight is named.
They work like regular bulbs once connected to a socket, if there’s the electricity they will recharge while the switch is on, and once the power cuts, they will stay on using the energy collected on their rechargeable battery.

3. A UPS for your router
Although having a backup battery will help you to have the power to supply your computer and other devices in your house, they won’t do you much good if you want to use them to access the internet.
A UPS is a device that supplies backup power for your WIFI routers and security cameras such as CCTV cameras.

4. Surge protection plugs
Sometimes when the main source of power is back, it can come with a higher voltage of electricity than usual, a surge protector is a device that protects your appliances against a high voltage by redirecting the excess power to a grounding power.

5. Solar power bank
Great for quick power supply, solar power banks are small external batteries that are chargeable with solar energy, the device allows you to charge small devices such as your phone without having to connect to an outlet.


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5 solutions that will make your life easy during load shedding.

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