Why use Powertime?

ϟ Powertime is a reseller of electricity and airtime.

ϟ Powertime enables you to purchase electricity or airtime anywhere and at any time of the day or night, from a computer or a mobile phone.

ϟ Online payments are secured and encrypted by our partner PayGenius, expert in online payment security.

The main reasons for using Powertime are:

  1. It is the most convenient way to buy prepaid electricity (24/7, via website, apps, etc.)
  2. It helps you manage your energy consumption (monthly usage report, consumption graphs, low credit alerts, virtual meter)
  3. You can pay via 3 methods: Credit Cards, EFT and cash deposit on your PayGenius wallet
  4. You can buy via SMS
  5. You stop running out of electricity anymore, with our low credit notifications