What is my Powertime level?

Your Powertime level is determined based on your electricity purchase history. There are 3 levels:

  • Mega watt,
  • Super watt,
  • And mini watt.

powertime energy level

ϟ Mini Watt: 

  • The Mini Watt level is your level by default when you register to Powertime.
  • It gives you access to our basic electricity token purchase services.

ϟ Super Watt:

  • You upgrade to Super Watt after building some history on the system (a couple of  transactions). You start knowing us and we start knowing you.
  • This level allows you to purchase airtime and pay your bills online.
  • You can also manage multiple meters.

ϟ Mega Watt:

  • The Mega Watt level is the highest level that is exclusive to our most loyal users and to corporate accounts.
  • This level allows you to reach a higher purchase limit and have access to exclusive benefits.

ϟ You are automatically upgraded to the next level according to your purchase history. If you wish to upgrade level on demand, please contact support@powertime.co.za.