Get Cash Back with our referral program

ϟ Our referral program enables our users earn R30 for each successful referral.

ϟ A successful referral is defined as a referred user registering his meter (meter not present in our database) and purchasing more than R350 of electricity.

ϟ Users can refer as many friends as they want.

ϟ To access the referral program, log in and click on the “Referrals” tab of your dashboard. This opens the referral page (available at:

ϟ Enter the first name and email of your friend and click on submit to send a referral invitation.

refer a friend Powertime

ϟ If you are using the Powertime iOS or Android apps, the Referral programme is available from the general menu of the applications.

ϟ When your friend registers and spends more than R350, Powertime will automatically credit your wallet with R30 and inform you by email.

Referral Q&A

ϟ I referred my friends via email, why don’t I get my credit?

You must invite your friends via the referral page of the website, iOS app or Android app. If you refer Powertime via other channels, we won’t be able to track the referral.

ϟ Does the programme work if I refer an existing Powertime user?

No, the referral programme only takes into account new users. We recognise new users via their email address and their meter numbers.

ϟ How long will it take to get my credit when the referral is successful?

You receive your credit as soon as your friends purchase more than R350.

ϟ Do my friends need to make a once-off purchase above R350 to activate the referral?

No. We take into account the cumulative amount of their purchases in their history. If they reach R350 after several purchase, the referral will still be successful.

ϟ How can I use my R30 credit?

Your R30 credit can be used to purchase electricity, airtime, data or pay your bills on