Municipal Electricity Tariffs increase on 1st July !

1st July is coming soon with new electricity tariffs! Check our article to know more to top up at the best rate for you.

Electricity rising prices


Dear Customers, 1st July is coming soon with new electricity tariffs for all municipalities, following Eskom’s April tariff increase (14,24%). As advised by NERSA, the average increase will be 12,2 % but you can get your exact tariff on your municipality website. Remember that most municipalities will publish their tariffs after July 1st.

You will be able to purchase units on Powertime at the old tariff until June 30th midnight. However, do remember that with the inclined block tariff system, the more you buy within a given month, the more you pay per unit.  So this may not necessarily be cost effective to purchase many units at the old tariff. Our advise is to purchase just enough energy to cover your needs for the month.

Saving money starts with saving energy 😉

Here are already some details for Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban:

City lifeline increase domestic increase
Cape Town 8% 14.24%
JHB 12.19% on average
Durban 12.2% on average


Want to know more? What tariff applies to me: lifeline or domestic?

Here is the example for Cape Town:

Your monthly average consumption is automatically calculated based on the last 12-month of consumption. It determines if you consume more or less than 450 units per month, and therefore which tariff to apply for your meter:

  • Lifeline A: up to 350 kWhs consumption/month
  • Lifeline B: up to 450 kWhs consumption/month
  • Domestic: above 450 kWhs consumption/month

Read more on the conditions on the Cape Town website.

So, how much should I pay?

As you may know, the more units you buy, the more you will pay per unit. For the City of Cape Town, below are the detailed prices for 2014/2015, VAT included. Those tariffs will be updated from the 1st of July: 8% of increase for residential tariffs (lifeline A & B), and 14,24% for domestic tariffs.

City of Cape Town: prices of 2014/2015, VAT included

lifeline A

lifeline B  
consumption price per kWh consumption

price per kWh

0 – 60 kWhs

free 0 – 25 kWhs


60 – 350 kWhs 0.96 25 – 350 kWhs


350 – 450 kWhs


The increase will be by 8%.


consumption price per kWhs
0 – 600 kWhs 1.54
above 600 kWhs


The increase will be by 14.24%

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Municipal Electricity Tariffs increase on 1st July !

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